Three steps to success

We reveal cost and innovation potential with your support! Our 3-step approach guarantees an efficient procedure and a positive cost/benefit effect for you.


This preparatory phase is for idea generation. We ask you to think through the following questions with your experts (e.g. system engineers, R&D staff, data scientists, software developers, ...):

  • Where do you think too much time is needed?
  • Which processes take particularly long?
  • What (which data) would you like to be able to use/compute, but it is not feasible?
  • What are processes/workflows that occur frequently/regularly and always similarly?
  • Is there a computer-based process that should be improved or that is too slow?
  • What are pain points that need to be done by hand?
  • Is something subjectively done by hand, (which should be objective)?
  • Are there blockers in the workflow?

For the most promising pre-selection, we are happy to be present when the questions are answered.


In a workshop, we check which of your experts' ideas we could realize and summarize the ideas with the greatest effort/benefit potential in a portfolio for you.


In the execution phase, we develop a sophisticated mathematical algorithm for you that delivers near-optimal results. During this process, we use the latest state of research and let you benefit from it!

In addition, we implement a software prototype of the algorithm. This eases the embedding into your productive systems and breaks down the function of the algorithm for you.