We develop algorithms for your data based decision processes.

When a company grows, so do its challenges. More employees have to be managed, more documents processed, more routes planned and more materials purchased. What once was plannable by hand can then only be done computer-aided. And what previously didn't have too much of an impact on the company's efficiency can now lead to unnecessary losses if not handled in the best possible way. This is where Algorithm Consulting comes in. We make sure that you can avoid such unnecessary losses thanks to the use of effective algorithms.

We enable you to transfer expert knowledge into mathematical models and thus free your valuable employees from routine processes and deploy them in strategic task areas. In addition, our models allow decisions to be made clearly and comprehensibly, which is an important aspect, e.g. in banking processes.

Real-world example use cases

Staff assignment - optimization of employee resources for multiple simultaneous projects

Staff assignment is often carried out time-consumingly by a human. This person tries to assign employees to work packages as appropriately as possible to the best of their judgement. Optimization criteria are:

  • Familiarization period - employees should work on one project as continuously as possible
  • Capabilities - The skills of the employees should match the requirements as closely as possible
  • Travel time - travel distances should be as short as possible

With our mathematical model, the dispatcher can very quickly select a nearly optimal assignment from the multitude of possible assignments. This not only saves them time, but also makes it easier for them to legitimize the decisions to the employees.

Sports competition planning

The organizer of sports competitions has the goal to create a schedule as short as possible, which specifies which age group performs when which discipline on which sports facility. In the process, they want to be considerate of the participants and the judges:

  • Regular breaks must be scheduled for the judges at each sports facility
  • If two similar disciplines are scheduled for an age group, there should be a sufficient time gap between them to allow the participants to recover

With the help of our algorithms, the organizer finds a schedule within a few minutes instead of several days. This saved time allows him to adjust the break times of the competition so that the athletes can participate in as many disciplines as possible, but the competition day does not get too long.

This is just a small sample of what we can make possible for you. If you have not yet discovered the potential benefits for your company, we will be happy to determine the use case that is most valuable for your company in a workshop with you. You can find more information on this under Procedure.

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